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7 reports about 700-113-2021

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Dmitriy 19th Jun, 2012+0
They are worse than a telemarketer, it's clear that they are scammers. They keep calling, always using a phony caller-ID (changing it from time to time.) I always press "1" to talk to them but they usually hang up the instant I ask for the company's name or the real phone number. One time I got one to talk a moment.. they insisted that they were legit but that they weren't allowed to give me their phone number. A supervisor got on and said "sure, the number is... (click)". The FTC obviously can't do anything since they're clearly a secret den of thieves and not a business that would be concerned with FCC fines. How do we get the FBI involved?
hjones1954 25th May, 2012+0
A guy who is possibly drunk, calls saying he is Jesus Christ. He also identifies himself as a Korean. He leaves other phone numbers to call him back. Laughs slowly, in a creepy way. Wack-job!
Sickof This 12th Feb, 2012+0
pls email me details abouth tis number
resjudacat 6th Dec, 2011+0
Some foreigner keeps calling my job and cell saying this is an important legal matter but doesnt give me any info on what type of legal matter this is; then states I owe money and I need to wire it before I am arrested.
Shanon 30th Sep, 2011+0
just reporting.
doris diaz 28th Sep, 2011+0
Got 2 calls in an hour from this number. Did some research and found out its a life insurance company that harasses you after you get a quote from the TD Bank website. If I know thats how it was going to be I would never have bothered!
Mr. Frog 13th Jul, 2011+0
They call and hang-up.

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